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DC> 2009/5/26 Chris Lilley <>:

>> Actually I have reservations myself; I discovered this when a talk I was doing,
>> intended to be live but then saved to local disk in case of network issues,
>> mysteriously stopped working. Mozilla (3.5b4) decided that local disk was
>> not the same as so refused to download fonts any more.

DC> I think it is essential that web fonts not break "Save Page As" functionality.

Hi Dave, 

Yes, I agree.

In this instance, I see it mainly as a Mozilla bug in 'save web page'; URIs in html are rewritten and resources (images, etc) saved locally, but URIs in CSS (images, fonts, etc) are not rewritten and the referenced resources are not saved.

Can anyone point out an existing bugzilla on this, before I create a new, possibly duplicate one, on that?

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