Re: New work on fonts at W3C

Dave Crossland wrote:
>> Actually I have reservations myself; I discovered this when a talk I was doing,
>> intended to be live but then saved to local disk in case of network issues,
>> mysteriously stopped working. Mozilla (3.5b4) decided that local disk was
>> not the same as so refused to download fonts any more.
> I think it is essential that web fonts not break "Save Page As" functionality.

Hold on.  Hold on.

Saving just the HTML already generally breaks functionality (e.g. 
because the base URI changes) in browsers.

Saving the whole webpage (whether as MHTML or the format Gecko currently 
uses) works, as long as the UA actually downloads all the data.

Gecko has a known bug wherein data linked from stylesheets is not 
downloaded.  This means not only fonts, but background images, border 
images, etc, etc.

So if the saving above was in fact "save page as", then you're just 
seeing a Gecko bug.  But I suspect the saving was "copy the file over to 
my hard drive and adjust the links or set base URI".  Chris, do you mind 
disambiguating which it was?


Received on Tuesday, 26 May 2009 13:42:21 UTC