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On May 8, 2009, at 03:02, Janina Sajka wrote:

> We ask that there be support for ARIA states and properties [1] as  
> pseudoclasses.  Many of these are similar to things that are  
> currently supported as pseudoclasses, in that they can be set in  
> multiple ways.  For example, "checked" can be set from an HTML  
> attribute, from aria-checked, or by user action.  It is useful for a  
> CSS author to be able to style all checked things the same,  
> regardless of how they came to be checked.   Ask whether the CSS WG  
> thinks it's better to make that part of the selectors spec, part of  
> the ARIA spec, or something else.  Is there an extensibility  
> mechanism for psudoclasses.

Considering that all of ARIA state is in the attribute in the DOM and,  
as a design principle, ARIA doesn't affect browser operation except  
for the exposure of content to accessibility APIs, isn't it sufficient  
and in accordance with the ARIA design principles to use attribute  

Henri Sivonen

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