Re: @font-face, Font Families and Computed Values ?

On Mar 23, 2009, at 8:51 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> Faruk Ateş wrote:
>> # 1. Should the Computed Value be returned with or without quotes?
> "returned" in what sense?  If you're talking about getComputedStyle  
> or the like, note that what that returns is not really the "computed  
> value" in the sense that CSS2.1 (say) uses it in.

That is indeed what I was talking about, and ah, that last bit might  
explain my hesitation on this subject entirely. :-)

> You're confusing "computed value" (which is a construct primarily of  
> use in handling properties with "inherit" values or that inherit by  
> default) and "used value" (which tells you what really happened).   
> I'd think that you'd really want to inherit font-family "as  
> specified".  Anything else leads to pretty bizarre behavior...

It would appear so, yes. I guess I was expecting Computed Value to  
"be" the Used Value since there is no "getUsedValue" method or  
anything of that kind, as far as I'm aware? In other words, I'm  
essentially asking for something that just flat out doesn't exist in  
any spec nor User Agent.


- Faruk

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