[CSS 2.1: 9.8.3] 'clear' applies to inline elements?

| 9.8.3 Floating a box
|  ...
|     <SPAN id=inner> Inner contents.</SPAN>
|     <SPAN id=sibling> Sibling contents.</SPAN>
|  ...
|  However, if the 'clear' property on the sibling element is set to
|  'right' (i.e., the generated sibling box will not accept a position
|  next to floating boxes to its right), the sibling content begins to
|  flow below the float:
|     #inner { float: right; width: 130px; color: blue }
|     #sibling { clear: right; color: red }

In this example, the 'clear' property is specified at an inline-level 
element <SPAN id=sibling>. This contradicts the definition:
| 9.5.2 Controlling flow next to floats: the 'clear' property
|  'clear'
|         Applies to:       block-level elements

I searched the mailing list and found this problem was already reported:

and found the CSS WG response:
|    The example is indeed inaccurate, but we're going to leave
|    it for now.

I think this inaccurate example confuses people learning CSS
and hope this will be corrected before the CSS2.1 final REC.


Shinyu Murakami
Antenna House Formatter

Received on Friday, 20 March 2009 15:36:33 UTC