Re: [Bulk] Re: Counter-increment is not clear in CSS21 and CSS3

Here is a draft modification to the specification:

In 12.2 "The 'content' property"[1], add this text at the end of the 
definition of <counter>:

    The name must not be 'none', 'inherit' or 'initial'. Such a name
    causes the declaration to be ignored.

In 12.4 "Automatic counters and numbering"[2], insert this paragraph 
before the first example:

    The keywords 'none', 'inherit' and 'initial' must not be used as
    counter names. A value of 'none' on its own means no counters are
    reset, resp. incremented. 'Inherit' on its own has its usual
    meaning (see 6.2.1). 'Initial' is reserved for future use.


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