Re: Request to make Public

Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Hi All,
> Thanks very much for your responses.
> Indeed, I am looking for the latest Editor's drafts [1] as well as some 
> general info about the specs (such as [2] provides). It appears 
> current-work.html [3] fails to meet the first requirement (but could if 
> one of the two links per document block pointed to the latest Editor's 
> draft instead of both pointing to .../TR/).
> -Regards, Art Barstow
> [1] <>
> [2] <>
> [3] <>

I've updated the current-work page with links to the public editors drafts.
(Should appear on the site as soon as I get net access.) That should resolve
[1]. As for [2], that information should already be there. If there's
something missing, then we should sync it.

 > Anyhow, I'm surely missing something because I don't understand the
 > opposition to make [2] Public.

There are a lot of old and outdated docs listed on that page, and most
of those are Members-only. I don't see any point in making that page
public, since most of the information there that isn't already on
current-work is links to Members-only documents. That doesn't seem very
useful to make public. I'd rather keep current-work up-to-date. It's
easier for me, and it's more useful to anyone who isn't doing CSSWG


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