[CSS21] Update of CSS 2.1 CR

The CSS WG updated the CSS 2.1 specification:


There is no change in status, the specification was already a Candidate 
Recommendation (CR). The reason for the update is simply to integrate 
the accumulated errata into the text. The errata list is now empty 
again (but will probably not remain so, we have a handful of issues 
still to discuss...)

Some of these errata affect the meaning of style sheets (such as the 
change from CSS being case-insensitive to it being partially 
case-insensitive), although they should in theory affect very few.

Because of this, the next version of the specification will *not* be a 
W3C Recommendation, but there will be working draft for a few weeks in 
order to invite comments for the last time (hopefully). The intention 
is that the version after that is a Recommendation, as required by the 
working group's charter.

We still request feedback, especially problems found in actual use or by 
trying to implement the specification. On the other hand, requests for 
new features are not likely to be honored and are better directed at 
the modules for CSS level 3 instead.

The best way to send comments is by sending e-mail to this mailing list, 
<www-style@w3.org>, with


in the subject line, followed by a summary of the issue.

We also welcome feedback on the test suite (see 
http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/Test/) but for that we prefer another 
mailing list, <public-css-testsuite@w3.org>.

For the CSS WG,
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