Re: [Css Variables] Variable Declaration Blocks

David Hyatt wrote:

> The problem with leaving CSS variables turned on in WebKit is that if 
> the feature ships, it is going to be hugely popular.  We know this.  
> Whatever we ship, we will have to support on OS X forever, because apps 
> on the platform will scramble to use this feature.  If it ships in 
> Google Chrome, it will probably have to be supported by Google forever 
> too.  Normally we turn features on when we expect that they won't alter 
> so significantly that a whole new implementation would be required.  I 
> don't feel like CSS Variables have reached that point, and I don't want 
> to support two wildly different implementations of variables.

That is a very good argument David, but that's a bit different from "I'm
basically disgusted at this point and giving up on the whole feature"...

We need to discuss this spec in the WG, but it's hard to do that if you
are not here. I recommend Apple sends a rep to TPAC in Mandelieu so we
can make progress on CSS Variables.


Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 22:01:33 UTC