Re: [CSS2.1] Position of list-item markers

Saloni Mira Rai wrote:
> Hello,
> We need a clarification on positioning the marker for list-items in the 
> scenario where list-item content is not right next to the principal box 
> edge.
>  ...
> Scenario #1  List-item is immediately preceded by a float (left). The 
> float pushes the list-item content to the right. According to the rules 
> above the marker should be outside of the principal box and to the left 
> of the float.
> However
> Opera and Safari all put the marker to the right of the float and next 
> to the text.
> Firefox puts the marker on the float.
> IE8 puts the marker to the left of the float.
> Scenario #2  List-item has text-align set to center. Should the marker 
> be next to the text or outside the principal box?
> Firefox, Opera and Safari put the marker right next to the text, within 
> the border of the list-item
> IE8 puts the marker outside the list-item.

Floats are complicated, and I don't think we should handle them in 2.1. I
suggest we add
   | The position of the list-item marker in the presence of floats is
   | undefined in CSS2.1.

For text-align, I think if we get a clear answer from web designers on what
should be done, we should do that. The question is:

   For a list with 'list-item-position: outside', if I set 'text-align: center',
   should the marker move? What about 'text-align: right'?

Jason's answer was
   > preferably no, or, for right have the bullet go on the right side
which makes perfect sense to me. Anybody else have an opinion?


Received on Wednesday, 26 November 2008 18:07:08 UTC