RE: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts - new compromise proposal

> I find it interesting to think that Linux users do not matter but OS X
> does. Searching google for "mac os x OR apple market share" and "linux
> market share" seems to hint that market share for Linux seems to be
> between 1% to 7% and Mac OS X market share seems to be around between
> 2%
> and 21% (a huge variation indeed). With the success of Asus EEE PC and
> other small laptops running Linux, I would expect more and more web
> browsers running on Linux in the near future.

Remember, what font foundries are concerned about is loss of sales. What your stats aren't telling you is what percentage of existing font sales are by what platform users.

Mac OS still dominates the high end of graphic design. Mac users usually constitute somewhere between 30% and 90% of sales for any given type foundry. So they care quite a bit about Mac OS, yes.

Rounding to the nearest whole percentage, Linux users usually constitute 0-1% of sales for any given type foundry. So they tend not to care that much about piracy on Linux, no.

> If font foundries are happy to make no "protection requirements" for
> free operating systems, then perhaps they could rethink their position
> about the non-free operating systems, too.

Feel free to try to convince them.



Received on Friday, 14 November 2008 15:32:05 UTC