RE: svg fonts as web font format?

Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> I also think that (at least amongst users of integrity) 
> piracy can lead to sales that would otherwise not occur.
> If there is a product that looks as if it will do the job, 
> but the evaluation edition is so crippled that a real 
> evaluation is impossible, then I do not think that it is 
> unreasonable to try a pirate copy first, provided that this 
> leads either to a sale or to the removal of the pirate 
> version after a reasonable evaluation period.  And provided, 
> of course, that it is a /real/ evaluation, and not just an 
> excuse to get the job done with zero outlay and then remove 
> the software.
> Philip TAYLOR

The problem with fonts though is that crippled version would probably
not excite anyone to buy a product, and the real one does not have any
expiration date. Once you've got it - it's yours forever.


Received on Friday, 14 November 2008 14:28:31 UTC