[CSSWG] Summary and Resolutions F2F: Printing, Columns, and Pagination

CSS3 Paged Media

   * RESOLVED: headers, footers, borders, etc. print on blank pages.
               We will add a control for this (e.g. a :blank page
               selector) later.

   * RESOLVED: Adopt proposal that page layout on current page assumes ICB
               matches current page size and contents lay out accordingly,
               restrict requirement to SHOULD and applying for non-BFC
               elements in normal flow, all others being undefined

   * Discussed page counter scoping. General agreement that page counters
     and document counters should be able to interact. Need proposal for
     exact details.

   * RESOLVED: 'page' should be a non-inherited property. 'auto' means look
               to the nearest non-'auto' ancestor and uses that 'page' value.


   * Briefly discussed whether scrollbars are drawn in print media.

   * RESOLVED: It is not required to make content that's not visible on screen
               visible when printing.

   * RESOLVED: Computed height is not consumed by the height between a page
               break and the bottom of the page.
     RATIONALE: A box whose contents fit without overflow on the screen should
                not trigger overflow in print.

   * We discussed but did not resolve whether backgrounds and borders should
     print between the page break and the bottom of the page.

   * RESOLVED: Implementations should try to avoid creating overflow when there
               wouldn't be overflow when unpaginated.

CSS3 Multicol

   Discussed overflow of multicolumn elements: whether new columns should be
   made off to the side, or whether a new row of columns should be created as
   overflow below.

   To create a new set of columns below the first, you really want to use a new
   column-length property or somesuch and allow height to be auto, otherwise
   the new columns will overflow the multicol element.

   Either way, multicolumn layout is not very usable on the screen because it's
   designed for paginated media. So we discussed the idea of
     overflow-style: paginate
   to create paginated layouts on the screen. (It would fall back to scrolling
   behavior on down-level clients.)

   fantasai noted that the column width algorithm should define available width
   such that the UA can consider the available width on the page if that is less
   than the available width of the element.

Received on Monday, 10 November 2008 19:05:28 UTC