[CSSWG] Summary and Resolutions F2F: css3-color, css3-background, border-parts, constants/variables

CSS3 Color

   Spent a lot of time trying to convince IBM accessibility guy that
     a) CSS system colors are not a good solution to accessible coloring of
        custom widgets (this is why they are deprecated)
     b) deprecated things are still required to be supported, so they're not going
        away anyway. dbaron will be clarifying the CSS3 spec to make this clear.

CSS3 Background

   Discussed two-token lookahead problem with fallback color using a slash. No

   Once that issue is resolved, there are no more outstanding comments.


   Discussed parse-time constants counter-proposal to CSS Variables


   Howcome presented proposal for 'border-parts', which defines an on/off mask
   over the border as a series of lengths. Lots of discussion about syntax,
   lots of skepticism about its usability and utility.

Received on Monday, 10 November 2008 19:05:24 UTC