RE: [gcpm] border-parts

Håkon said:
>   In this example, wide tables are floated to landscape pages:
>     table.wide {
>       float: page(landscape);
>     }
>   In the above code, the element is take out of the flow, which is
>   allowed to contiue on the same page.

Seems good added flexibility.  Where in the printed output should the table appear?  Immediately after the page from which it was displaced?  At the end of the document?  Up to the UA?  Do we want to provide a control knob?

If two or more tables with class 'wide' are encountered within a document, do they get printed on separate media sheets, or are the tables both printed on the same sheet if they fit?  (Probably some dependency on the previous answer...)

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Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2008 00:08:07 UTC