Re: [gcpm] border-parts

Also sprach Håkon Wium Lie:

 > I'm ok with dropping repeat(). As a result the proposal would be
 > simpler, which is good. Some functionality would be lost, but nothing
 > I can't live without.
 > Any opposing votes?

Hearing no opposing votes, I've removed repeat(). A new editor's draft
is available from:

I've also added a page() value on 'float' to express "take the element
out of the current flow and put it on a named page. Here's an example:

  In this example, wide tables are floated to landscape pages: 

    table.wide { 
      float: page(landscape);

  In the above code, the element is take out of the flow, which is
  allowed to contiue on the same page. If the flow should be broken,
  this code can be used:

    table.wide { 
      page: landscape;

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Received on Tuesday, 4 November 2008 23:12:57 UTC