Re: CSS3 Color: definition of "mask" and example

On Monday 2003-07-28 13:59 -0400, REFSTRUP,JACOB (HP-Vancouver,ex1) wrote:
> In CSS3 Color [1] "3.2. Transparency: the 'opacity' property" the term
> 'mask' is used without having a definition. After looking at SVG1.1 [2] it
> seemed to me that the clipping, masking and composition model of SVG1.1,
> chapter 14 was assumed (or equivalent in SVG1.0).
> Could we perhaps make a reference in [1] to this so it becomes more clear
> for readers not familiar with SVG1.1?

This has been recorded as and should be
fixed in the editor's draft at and through the reference in
the latter section to SVG 1.1, section 14.2.

> In thinking through how to implement it I found it useful to internalize and
> learn these compositing rules and I made up an example. Perhaps an example
> like this could be included in [1] to further clarify what is supposed to
> happen so the implementer has something to verify his understanding against.

I'm not sure how valuable this would be; there are tests in the test
suite, which I think helps more.

If this doesn't address your comment, could you let us know within
two weeks, if possible?


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