Re: [css] List of all CSS properties

Jens Meiert skrev:
> FYI, I just compiled an index of all CSS properties, including CSS 3:

Useful an good work!

One quick tip about the content.

Being a teacher who regularly talks to people with little previous 
knowledge and naturally assume that all CSS is intended for screen 
design, I think it might be beneficial to have a note about what CSS 3 
module a particular property is from. If people like my students are not 
your target audience, leave it be.

And a usability tip.

If I may dream, since I am not the one doing this work... Filtering: 
Show only properties related to print,  screen, in CSS 2.1 etc.

On a side note: Does anyone know if there is one table such as this one, 
but for proprietary properties or values? Why would I want one? It is an 
indication of what might become part of a future standard as well as 
preliminary support for standards, like -moz/webkit-border-radius.

Lars Gunther

Received on Sunday, 30 March 2008 10:02:18 UTC