[css] List of all CSS properties

FYI, I just compiled an index of all CSS properties, including CSS 3:


The list will be updated regularly in order to address especially the development of CSS 3. Eventually, descriptors will be added later, depending on feedback. I added some additional notes and a few numbers in the index “announcement” [1].

Please note that probably unsurprisingly, there are quite a few issues with CSS 3 Modules, from inconsistencies to typos to probable mistakes with values. However, I'd currently only send in error reports when explicitly requested, since even spelling mistakes pointed out to W3C groups seem rather not to be fixed at all (I talked about that with Karl Dubost once but it seems to stay a constant QA issue).


Work on an initial draft for “selector variables” [2] is still on hold but should be continued soon.

[1] http://meiert.com/en/blog/20080327/css-properties-index/
[2] http://meiert.com/en/blog/20080207/selector-variables/

Jens Meiert

Received on Thursday, 27 March 2008 10:33:11 UTC