Re: [CSS21] white-space default on :before and :after (was Re: Microsoft contributing test cases to the CSS WG)

On Wednesday 2008-03-05 12:00 -0800, fantasai wrote:
> Agreed. Recorded as an issue 37
> Do you have a preference?

I think there are two issues:
 * it's a tradeoff between implementation complexity and an obscure
   feature that might be useful (but is easy enough to get with one
   extra declaration when it's actually needed)
 * doing whatever is closer to current implementations (and where
   implementations could get quickly in the future) means that
   authors will be less likely to be surprised by differences in
   implementation behavior over the next few years.

My testcase at
shows that for generated content:

Firefox (2.0 or 3 beta) honors 'white-space' and defaults to 'normal'.

Opera 9.26 honors white-space as far as preserving spaces, but
processes all '\a' (contrary to the part of the spec that we're
*not* considering changing).

Safari 3.0.4 honors 'white-space' and defaults to 'normal' (just
like Firefox).

IE7 doesn't support generated content.

Given that (and assuming that IE8's behavior can still be changed;
I'm guessing based on the tests that it either defaults to pre-line
or acts like Opera, although I haven't tested), I think we should
remove the two examples and make it so that authors who want '\a' to
cause line breaks need to specify an appropriate value of


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