Re: [CSS21] white-space default on :before and :after (was Re: Microsoft contributing test cases to the CSS WG)

* L. David Baron wrote:
>To respond to myself here, the spec suggests *informatively* in two
>places that :before and :after should default to pre-line (although
>in one of them, for HTML only, which seems bizarre):
>but it never says so normatively.

In 2003 we resolved that white-space applies normally to ::before and
::after and some months later added the white-space rules to the
examples and the sample style sheet to avoid the impression that there
are special white-space rules for ::before and ::after. That of course
does not stop individual user agents to have special rules in their user
agent style sheet.

>If we actually want this behavior, it should be stated normatively
>(and then the tests would be correct).  If we don't, we should
>probably take out the examples.

Considering the confusion this has caused over the years, I do not think
simply taking the examples out would help to avoid further uncertainty,
we would simply trade one for the other.
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