Re: issue with url() in CSS 2.1 grammar

On Fri, 27 Jun 2008 14:25:36 +0200, Daniel Glazman  
<> wrote:
> The problem is that a URL is not supposed to be zero-length...

There is nothing wrong with a zero-length URL.

You can write <a href=""> quite validly (I have even done it).

Not that I can think of a use for url() in CSS (though maybe with content  
negotiation it could be meaningful); but my experience with designing  
langauges in the past has made me adopt a maxim: Just because I can't  
think of a use for something now isn't a priori a reason to disallow it.  
(Since things that have been disallowed in the past have turned out to be  
needed later on; @id on all elements is an example that springs  
immediately to mind).

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