Re: Updated versions of Apple's transforms/animations/transitions proposals

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Dean Jackson <> wrote:

> Suppose a property is transitioning from A to B, and partway through it is
> told to go to C. I think you have 3 options:
> 1. You go to C using the specified transition duration (a new transition).
> 2. You go to C using the remaining duration from the AB transition.
> 3. You go to C using the duration that the AB transition has been running.

My guess is, if the duration of the AB transition equals the duration of the
new transition, then authors want case 2 if C is close to B, and case 3 is C
is close to A.

Hmm. I think Maciej was on the right track and we really want to specify
velocity, not duration, or perhaps a desired velocity and a maximum
duration. It's too bad that specifying velocity in CSS seems hard :-(.

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