Re: Dual-mode elements (ACTION-37)

Bert Bos wrote:
> After the recent discussion here about collapsing lists and other 
> dual-mode (or even multi-mode) elements, I got an action from the CSS 
> WG to write a concrete proposal for a section in CSS. I had started 
> doing that already and here it is.

Just my own 2 eurocents: I love it. I think that combined with Apple's
transitions and animations, this is going to be a major hit.

> Open question:
> What does the Back button do? Does it undo a switch from normal to 
> alternative? If so, does it also undo a switch from alternative to 
> normal? Does CSS need to say anything about the Back button at all?

I don't think we have to say anything about it. That depends so much
on the caching ability of the browser... Some mobile browsers don't
cache anything and hitting the Back key in fact reloads the previous
document w/o any kind of state storage, while some desktop browsers
are able to go back to the exact last state of the previous document.
None of our business, from my perspective.


Received on Monday, 7 April 2008 17:33:23 UTC