Re: Dual-mode elements (ACTION-37)

Bert Bos wrote:

> This specification recommends that UAs use the same user actions for 
> activating a link as for toggling the state (e.g., a mouse click). If 
> the user uses that action on an element that is a hyperlink 
> (with 'target-name' unequal to ''none''), then only the hyperlink 
> behavior must be executed. UAs may provide other user actions as well, 
> including some that only do one or the other, e.g., a context-sensitive 
> menu on right clicks.

Toggling states must also include (e.g., tabbing). Mouse click :active 
and tabbing :focus for accessibility.

> Open question:
> What does the Back button do? Does it undo a switch from normal to 
> alternative? If so, does it also undo a switch from alternative to 
> normal? Does CSS need to say anything about the Back button at all?
> Bert

I would expect the back button to return the viewer to the previous page 
(like what normally happens). It would have no affect on the switch. If 
it did, then the user would have to back button all the switched states 
before you they could return to the previous page.


Received on Monday, 7 April 2008 19:16:43 UTC