Re: [CSS21] DELIM? in core syntax

* Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> > The meaning of input that cannot be tokenized or parsed is undefined
> > in CSS 2.1.
>And then says:
> > In some cases, user agents must ignore part of an illegal style
> > sheet. This specification defines ignore to mean that the user agent
> > parses the illegal part (in order to find its beginning and end), but
> > otherwise acts as if it had not been there.
>It seems to me ignoring something is equivalent to defining it as having 
>no meaning (at least to the CSS 2.1-conforming implementation).

Yes, this is a well-known contradiction in the specification (that it
says the meaning of some cases is undefined, but then goes on to de-
fine error recovery rules for a subset of those cases, in other parts
than the one you quote). The class of errors under discussion is handled
by the "Malformed declarations" recovery rule despite the first quote
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