Re: fallback color for background-image (ISSUE-5)

Anne van Kesteren wrote:

>> What actually happens when the image format is not supported?
> The fallback color would be used (per the proposal).

I think I'm following now. If so don't you mean this instead.

background: red / transparent url(...);

Where the element shows the red background until the image is loaded and 
then the transparent background is used instead. If the image format is 
not supported or a 404 happens, then the initial fall back color is used 
always. For me fall back is movement to the left (backwards).

>> I have forgotten to ask this previously. What is Issue-5?
> It's a reference to the issue tracker the CSS WG uses:

This did help. :-)


Received on Friday, 4 April 2008 16:28:34 UTC