Re: Proposal of @ua

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:

> 1) As CSS makes custom keywords perfectly legal then you can do:
>  @media screen and supports(-moz-radius) { }
> to filter out Mozilla only rules.

wrong. just infamous embedded engine supports single mozilla's 
extension, nothing more

> 2) @ua(name, version) is not practically useful as e.g. Mozilla is publishing 
> new updates pretty frequently.
> I do not think that you would want to make your CSS look like version tracker 
> or so.

imo a lot more useful than former in complex production site maintenance 
scenario (way to isolate fixes)

> 3) CSS3 is now modular - means that modules can be supported by UA 
> selectively. This requires some mechanism that allow
> to check if module supported or not on CSS level to make all this schema 
> practically useful.

well, maybe right solution should include all above cases?

> That would be a nightmare (precisely: combinatorial explosion ) if you will 
> rely on @ua(name,version) to discover features
> supported in your style sheets. 
> Andrew Fedoniouk.

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