Re: Proposal for current Link Pseudo-class

Jason Cranford Teague wrote:
> *CSS 3 Recommendation*
> *Current Link Pseudo-class Selector*

Except that the path component count is novel, this gets proposed at 
regular intervals.

> conveniently style a link based on the clients current URI in order to 

Which URI?  The basic problem is that a page often has more than one URI 
and the one that is in the address bar is not necessarily the one that 
is used in links within the page.

> current URI, but also style links based on directory level. 

Only some types of URI are hierarchical.  Of those, only some use "/" as 
a hierarchy level delimiter.  For http: scheme URLs, the path components 
don't necessarily represent directories (and, unfortunately, there are a 
lot content management systems that produce completely flat structures).

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