Re: [CSS21] Case-insensitivity not defined

If one is going to add any case-insensitivity related material to CSS,
please do not forget the  Turkish i problem.  One fo the smart editing
tools we had was helping by making all tags to be lowercase or uppercase
etc. respecting the system locale setting.  But the results had to be made
non-locale sensitive (or disabled for Turkish users) for such keywords
which are fixed in standards .. so that lowercase i remains dotted and
uppercase I remains un-dotted etc.

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Henri Sivonen brings up the point that ASCII case-insensitivity and
Unicode case-insensitivity are not the same and that we should define
what we want for CSS. For example, should WIDTH and WĘDTH match?
WĘDTH and width? Should Greek identifiers match case-insensitively
as well? Accented Latin characters? For that matter should 'e' plus
combining acute accent match eacute?

a-z and A-Z need to correspond, but beyond that the use of other
characters in CSS identifiers is limited to mostly to namespace
prefixes and counter names, neither of which are in widespread use.


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