Re: [CSS21] Case-insensitivity not defined

fantasai wrote:
> Henri Sivonen brings up the point that ASCII case-insensitivity and
> Unicode case-insensitivity are not the same and that we should define
> what we want for CSS. For example, should WIDTH and WİDTH match?
> WİDTH and width? Should Greek identifiers match case-insensitively
> as well? Accented Latin characters? For that matter should 'e' plus
> combining acute accent match eacute?
> a-z and A-Z need to correspond, but beyond that the use of other
> characters in CSS identifiers is limited to mostly to namespace
> prefixes and counter names, neither of which are in widespread use.


Test results:
   Firefox: case-sensitive counters  Unicode case-insensitive ns prefixes
   Opera:   case-sensitive counters  Unicode case-insensitive ns prefixes
   Safari:  case-sensitive counters  case-sensitive namespace ns prefixes
   Prince:  case-sensitive counters  no support for namespaces

The 2006 spec for CSS Namespaces clearly says that namespace prefixes
are case-insensitive, so I don't know why Safari treating them as
case-sensitive -- particularly since older versions apparently were
compatible with Firefox/Opera.


Received on Monday, 19 November 2007 04:30:39 UTC