RE: [CSS3 Text] Text Decoration Section Drafted

Hi Paul,
I'm confused now... ;-)

fantasai requested a review of, which doesn't seem
to contain the text you reference in [1]. It does contain an example,
'Example X', which at first glance seems to indicate that a single line
of text containing glyphs from different fonts may each use the
appropriate font-specific underline.  The text in the section above the
example belies this.  This can be confusing.  
I didn't do a thorough read. I assumed the intent was to allow differing
font-specific decorations on the same line in CSS3. Apparently not
(which is unfortunate, in my view.)

A closer look yields that the example seems to intend to show how the
calculation of underline position and thickness is averaged across fonts
occurring on a line. I think this is not clear and that the example
should be improved to avoid this potential for confusion.
Also, not sure what specification is quoted in [1]; but regarding this:
"   If the font of the run does not have outline text metrics
(the font is a bitmap font), the underline position will the bottom row
of pixels of the text height.
Two comments:
    1.  I don't understand what "the bottom row of pixels of the text
height' means.  More word-smithing needed here, I think.
    2.  I would suggest changing this text to something like:
"If the font of the run does not define the underline position, that
position will be <whatever it is we're trying to say here>."  My point
being that bitmapped fonts may contain underline position information,
and if they do it would be preferable to use it than to ignore it.
Analogous comments apply to other references here to bitmapped fonts.

(And by the way, fantasai, I noticed that the examples go from X to XII
(skipping XI)).
Best wishes,


Received on Wednesday, 14 November 2007 23:20:05 UTC