[CSSWG] Resolutions Boston F2F 2007-11-05 2007-11-06

Major topics for Monday included:
   Priorities and Designer Feedback
   CSS and MathML Joint Meeting
   Japanese Layout Task Force Report
   CSS Validator
   Box Module
Major topics for Tuesday included
   Box Module
   Media Queries
   Rotation and Transform
   Font Embedding

CSS and MathML Joint Meeting

   The MathML WG is working on ways to display MathML with CSS. Our discussions
   resulted in the MathML WG posting the following:

Japanese Layout Task Force Report

   Nothing new to report.

CSS Validator

   The CSS Validator team requested a better definition of what a valid CSS
   document is.


   Reviewed new revision of the table width calculation algorithm document.
   This should make its way to dev.w3.org as HTML sometime soon.


   RESOLVED: Rename 'marquee-loop' to 'marquee-play-count'.
   RATIONALE: Avoid confusion over whether "marquee-loop: 1" means play once
             or play twice.

   NOTED:    Need clarifications for behavior of 'marquee-style' keywords.
   NOTED:    Computed value section of 'marquee-direction' doesn't match values.
   NOTED:    Note about 'alternate' under 'marquee-direction' definition is
             wrong and should be fixed by saying "opposite of the direction
             given by marquee-drection" or somesuch.

   RESOLVED: Remove 'overflow-style-x' and 'overflow-style-y' in favor of
             "overflow-style: auto | marquee-line | marquee-block" where
             marquee-line scrolls parallel to the line boxes and marquee-block
             scrolls perpendicular to them.
   RATIONALE: Combining this into one property avoids senseless combinations
             like marquee in both directions, and also works the same way for
             both vertical and horizontal text.

Box Module and Width Keywords

   RESOLVED: Keep "display: compact" in CSS Box Module Level 3.

   RESOLVED: Add keywords to 'width' and 'height' from Section 3 of
             but rename 'fill' to 'available', 'min-intrinsic' to 'min-content',
             'intrinsic' to 'max-content', and 'shrink-wrap' to 'fit-content'.

CSS2.1 Issues

   RESOLVED: Proposal accepted for issue 16

   Test cases needed for some other issues.

CSS3 Multi-Col

   Agreed to publish a Last Call with an extended public comment period after
   vertical text issues are addressed.

Media Queries

   RESOLVED: Define that @page rules are allowed inside @media rules in the
             CSS3 Paged Media spec.
   RESOLVED: "all and" can be dropped form a media query, e.g. @media (color) {} is ok.
   RESOLVED: Unknown/unsuppported media queries are ignored, but the other
             comma-separated parts can still be used.
   RESOLUTION: Dropping unknown parts of a media query such that all parts
               are dropped means you end up with none, not all.

   Media Queries will go back to LC.

Rotation and Transformation

   Discussed use cases, SVG-like 'transform' syntax, and centers of rotation.

   NOTED: We need keywords for pegging the center of rotation at e.g. the
          baseline of an inline element, or at the center of any other element.

   NOTED: For the above reason and for usability, need a way to set the anchor
          point explicitly.

   NOTED: A 'diagonal' could introduce circularity if it affects layout.

   NOTED: Separate properties to trigger transform behaviors could introduce
          cascade problems.

   NOTED: 'transform' should trigger a new block formatting context. A 'none'
          value is needed as the default.

   NOTED: Importing SVG syntax directly doesn't work because it's incompatible
          with CSS tokenization and some other conventions. Some specific
          problems include: CSS can't accept spaces before the opening ( of
          functional notation, functions need to take lengths not numbers,
          and functional notation should require commas.


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