Re: [CSS3-MultiCol] suggestions for vertical text

David E. Ross wrote:
> I thought multi-column properties were general, not for print media
> only.  Page breaks apply only for print media.  What fantasai
> suggests regarding breaks could be an additional option, but the
> specification should make clear that it applies only for print
> media.  

You don't have page breaks as obstacles to shift content around in
continuous media, so any such rules automatically wouldn't apply.

> When a multi-column Web page is printed, the columns on each page
> should have similar widths.  They should not vary from one printed
> page to another any more than they vary on a computer monitor.
> Otherwise, someone reading the printed pages may easily get confused
> and distracted.

This case wouldn't be triggered except when vertical and horizontal
text modes are mixed. The layout *has* to change when it's printed to
avoid splitting individual lines of text across the page break. Either
we leave a big gap at the bottom of the page so that the column can
shift to the next page, or we adjust the column widths so that the
page is filled. If the layout engine can paginate content into different-
sized columns, I don't see a good reason for us to require a large gap.

(Note that the columns in my ascii diagrams were vertical text in horizontal
columns. I suppose I didn't make that clear.)


Received on Wednesday, 14 November 2007 03:25:49 UTC