Re: W3C CSS Home Redesign RFC

This is the first time I've actually made a post although I've been on
the list for a while. So hello all :)

I find the W3 style site hard to get info from and get most of my CSS
knowledge from the Blogs of individuals as opposed to the Wikis. I'm
guessing a lot of others do too? If you can't put the tips/tricks,
basic stuff on there, perhaps you could link off to other peoples
pages where they have already done the explaining.

Such as:

Or this even:

Although it takes people away from the site, at least they can come to
the W3C one as the main resource.

Hope that helps.

On 13/11/2007, fantasai <> wrote:
> Dylan Schiemann wrote:
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> > The #1 thing that has surprised me for many years about the CSS site is
> > that it has never been particularly stylish.
> >
> > I think having a site that looks like it was created by a designer
> > rather than a spec writer is important given the topic of the site.  It
> > sort of sets the standard for what can be done with CSS, etc.
> Yeah, that's why Jason's help is going to be critical -- but we need to
> sort out the content before he can come up with a design that will present
> it well.
> ~fantasai

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