Re: [CSS3]Paged Mode cascading

Ludger Buenger wrote:
> You know that this discussion moved to something totally different from the
> initial proposal, right?

Yes, I'm aware.

> The issue you advocate then is independent from whether there should be
> generated content shortcuts allowing to visualise specific environment
> metadata.

Not entirely.  I was just pointing out that such shortcuts are somewhat useless
in the most common CSS usage scenario (the web) as things stand because the only
negotiation between author and user header values is the cascade.  Well, they
might be useful but harmful to users; I prefer to look on the good side of things.

> If you are unhappy with the current cascading rules, it is valid for you to
> raise this issue.

I think the cascading rules are OK (decent power and reasonable simplicity) for 
what they were designed for.  They're terrible for content generation, however. 
  Odd how grafting content generation onto a styling language can have that sort 
of "not designed to do this well" consequence.  ;)

The "content" property has this issue no matter where it's used; it's just that 
users are not likely to use it much in most cases.  But they do want to set 
their headers and footers.


Received on Friday, 2 November 2007 21:29:02 UTC