[CSS3 Text] "keep-all" property


In section 4.1 of the CSS 3 working draft 6 (March 2007), the
explanation for "keep-all" reads as follows:

"Same as 'normal' for all non-CJK scripts. However, sequences of CJK
characters can no longer break on implied break points. This option
should only be used where the presence of white space characters still
creates line-breaking opportunities, as in Korean."

This is quite misleading, as there are many cases where one would want
to apply the keep-all property within a block of CJK text for reasons
other than punctuation (at least in the case of (traditional)
Chinese). These cases mirror the use of   in Western text and
includes (but probably not limited to):

- blocks of text that form one logical unit but do not consist solely
of CJK characters (for disambiguation purposes)

- proper names, esp. personal names (breaking a personal name can be
seen as disrespectful)

- compound words in flush-left paragraphs (this is not generally
followed but there should be a way to make this preference explicit)

At the very least, the reference to the presence of white space should
be taken out.


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Received on Friday, 2 November 2007 22:17:29 UTC