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There are several "users" of CSS.  Which one do you mean?  Here are  
the customers of CSS as I see them:

Authors: People who create web pages, either as a hobby or  
professionally (I'm in this group).
Implementors: Folks who create web browsers that parse and render CSS.
Users: Anyone who uses anything created by the other two groups.

Implementors are well-represented on the working group. Mozilla,  
Opera, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and HP and others all have  
representatives on the group.  Authors are also now pretty well- 
represented by AOL, Google and others who create mass-market web  
applications (we weren't before, but thankfully, our numbers have  
grown in the past couple years).  I would also say that users are  
fairly well-represented by the Authors, especially since we create  
pages used by the general public.  We push for features that will  
allow us to build better products, which will hopefully mean happier  
"Users".  I'm also pretty sure that this list is made of Authors for  
the most part.

If you don't feel that Users are represented by the current Working  
Group, then you should convince W3C member organizations (some of  
whom represent governments or government bodies who should  
theoretically represent "Users") who you think would represent your  
idea of "Users" to join the working group and participate. I'm sure  
we'd welcome them in with open arms.

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> representation of the people
> who represents the interests of users within the CSS working group?

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