multicolumn layouts with text wrapping around cross boundary dives

haven't found one.  This means either that 1) I'm asking the wrong question, 2) 
I'm asking the question wrong, or 3) it just can't be done.

the best description I have of what I want to do is to take a three column 
layout and put a post-it straddling two columns.  Then the text in the two 
columns should flow around the post-it on both sides.  I can get it to flow 
around one side depending on which column I create the "Post-it" box in but not 

One suggestion I got was to create an empty box the same size as the "Post-it" 
box and hide it underneath the post-it containing the text I want visible.  The 
obvious problem is sizing of the box and positioning of the box.  Sizing is no 
problem, I can always take the same text and CSS parameters and create another 
box that's identical to the visible one.  That leaves positioning which is a 
royal "difficulty".  This smells like a JavaScript solution in that the 
JavaScript code automatically positions the "junk Post-it" and does something to 
trigger a formatting of the page so that the text wrap happens properly.

Are there any better solutions?

I appreciate any help I can get.


Received on Thursday, 26 July 2007 05:30:33 UTC