[CSS21] New Candidate Recommendation

The CSS WG published the new Candidate Recommendation (CR) for CSS
level 2 revision 1 with the firm intention that there won't be any more 
working drafts.


There is no doubt that we will still find (small) bugs in the 
specification, but given the type of errors we fixed recently, we have 
reason to believe that the spec is good enough for implementers and 
users alike. We want people to start implementing and using CSS 2.1 for 
real (and tell us about any remaining problems, of course).

Given that the test suite isn't complete yet and our information about 
implementations is therefore largely based on anecdotal evidence, we 
expect that it will be some time before we have enough tests and enough 
test reports to progress the specification to Recommendation. And even 
if we get more tests rapidly, we will leave the specification in 
Candidate Recommendation status for the rest of this year.

(There is a mailing list dedicated to testing CSS: 
<public-css-testsuite@w3.org> If you're involved in testing, or want to 
be, please join that list[1].)

As usual, the preferred place for comments is this mailing list, 
<www-style@w3.org>, and if you send something, please, prefix the 
Subject line with [CSS21] (as I did on this message).

We are in particular looking for input from implementers: if you write 
software for (some part of) CSS 2.1 and you run into problems, we want 
to hear about it.

CSS is still growing and we expect to add new features, but further 
specifications will be in the form of smaller, partial specifications, 
called Modules. (Several already exist and more are coming.) Those 
modules will progressively replace CSS 2.1. But the way it looks now, 
that will be several years of work.

Anyway, I've treated my colleagues to champagne today, to celebrate
CSS 2.1. I hope you enjoy the new spec, too :-)

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-css-testsuite/

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