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You are correct and in your example object is not a replaced element.

CSS spec defines the box model which is a set of rules for the placement
of the content on the screen (or some other visual media). My reading of
the spec is that replaced elements are elements that participate in
their parent box layout, but do not lay out their content by the box
model rules. A CSS formatter (seems like not a universally accepted
term) is simply a "device" (normally, a software module) that implements
CSS box model for the given document. So the replaced elements
themselves ARE under the control of the CSS formatter, but their content
is not.


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On 1/3/07, Peter Sorotokin <> wrote:
> I think it is pretty clear from CSS spec that svg is a replaced
> because its content is not rendered by CSS formatter. Element's box
> itself, of course, is under the control of the formatter, but that is
> different for an img or object elements. Perhaps, listing svg element
> an example of a replaced element would be good.

So <object> isn't a replaced element in this example when svg is not
<object data="test.svg" type="image/svg+xml"><span

When the content of an element isn't rendered by the CSS formatter,
then it automatically means it is a replaced element then?

> Definition of the rendered content does seem to be too narrow to me.

So that text needs to be changed then, right?

I'm trying to find a definition of what a CSS formatter is, where can
I find more information about this term?


> Peter
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> I was reading this mail thread:
> And it was mentioned that <svg> was a replaced element.
> When I look at the definition of a replaced element:
> Apparently this applies to the <svg> element, right?
> "An element that is outside the scope of the CSS formatter"
> So the content of an <svg> element is outside the scope of the CSS
> formatter?
> Wat is exactly is the CSS formatter?
> Definition of Rendered content:
> "The rendered content of a replaced element comes from outside the
> source document"
> That seems to be not the case for the <svg> element, or am I
> misreading this in some way?
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