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MURAKAMI Shinyu wrote:
> Hi fantasai,
> thank you very much for replying to my comments.
> On Wed, 10 Jan 2007 08:18:53 +1300
> fantasai <> wrote:
>> MURAKAMI Shinyu wrote:
>>> My proposal is to separate "strict" from "normal". The new definition is 
>>> the following.
>>> Name: word-break
>>> Value: normal | strict | keep-all | loose | break-all |  break-strict 
>>> Initial: normal 
>>> normal
>>>     The UA determines what set of line-breaking restrictions. It may be 
>>>     equivalent to either of 'strict' or 'loose'.
>> The problem with this is that it's not interoperable. (We want CSS
>> implementations to be consistent, which is why 'normal' means one
>> thing only, not a choice of two things.)
> But the CSS spec already has many UA dependent things such as
> font-family (initial value: depends on user agent).

The UA-dependent things tend to be those that are system-dependent.
Fonts, for example, are system-dependent: what font is used depends
on what fonts are available on your system. CSS can't specify the
default value for 'font-family' because there is no font that is
guaranteed to be available on all systems that run a CSS processor.

 > Allowing or disallowing kanas at beginning of line is very trivial thing
 > for most people, and the font-family, serif or sans-serif (mincho or
 > gothic, in Japanese typefaces), is much more important.

This setting is too trivial to justify a user preference, and it is not
system-dependent. As far as web authors are concerned, any differences
between implementations are a pain (they want to rely on defaults being
consistent), so we want to minimize the allowance for such differences.
What benefit is there to allowing UAs to have different default values
for word-break?

>> While we're on this topic, if you could specify what breaks are disallowed
>> in strict that are allowed in loose, that would be very helpful information
>> to put in the spec.
> Antenna House XSL Formatter (yes, I am a developper of it) is an
> implementation of the XSL-FO spec but it has extension properties 
> that come from CSS3 draft specs (including the obsolete CSS3-text CR).
> Please see the description of the axf:line-break property:

Thank you for the reference. Is it ok with Antenna House if I copy
information from it to CSS3 Text?


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