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On 1/3/07, Peter Sorotokin <> wrote:
> I think it is pretty clear from CSS spec that svg is a replaced element,
> because its content is not rendered by CSS formatter. Element's box
> itself, of course, is under the control of the formatter, but that is no
> different for an img or object elements. Perhaps, listing svg element as
> an example of a replaced element would be good.

So <object> isn't a replaced element in this example when svg is not supported?
<object data="test.svg" type="image/svg+xml"><span

When the content of an element isn't rendered by the CSS formatter,
then it automatically means it is a replaced element then?

> Definition of the rendered content does seem to be too narrow to me.

So that text needs to be changed then, right?

I'm trying to find a definition of what a CSS formatter is, where can
I find more information about this term?


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> Subject: Definition of a replaced element
> I was reading this mail thread:
> And it was mentioned that <svg> was a replaced element.
> When I look at the definition of a replaced element:
> Apparently this applies to the <svg> element, right?
> "An element that is outside the scope of the CSS formatter"
> So the content of an <svg> element is outside the scope of the CSS
> formatter?
> Wat is exactly is the CSS formatter?
> Definition of Rendered content:
> "The rendered content of a replaced element comes from outside the
> source document"
> That seems to be not the case for the <svg> element, or am I
> misreading this in some way?
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