Re: flowing around both sides of a float Re: float:center (was: Re: Alignment property proposal)

On Dec 31, 2007, at 2:42 AM, Ambrose Li wrote:

> On 31/12/2007, Peter Moulder <>  
> wrote:
>> On Sun, Dec 30, 2007 at 09:57:49PM -0800, Brad Kemper wrote:
>>> I agree with the examples James Elmore gives in his December 29,  
>>> 2007 post.
>> I don't.
> The question posed was whether there are use cases in *typography*,
> not in web pages. As posed, there are uses cases, and there are many
> use cases even and I don't know why this is not obvious, since it is
> very commonly done in typography (and in fact I was shocked to find
> that there is no "float: center" and this was a couple of years ago).

It's not obvious because I'm sorta dumb. Next question. ;)

> W.r.t. whether examples in web pages exist, of course they don't  
> exist;
> They need "float: center" to exist (otherwise you produce very fragile
> pages that don't even work reliably in the same browser), and that  
> does
> not exist right now.

This is why I asked about typography, and not web pages. I seem to  
remember some in magazines, but when I check, they always seem to take  
up the full width of a column in multi-column layouts in such a way  
that I'm not sure float:center would be needed to accomplish it...   
But for me, these are all modern magazines, in a specific niche. I'd  
not be shocked to learn that other magazines in another era, or even  
newspapers, might require such.

And after reading some of the arguments, it makes sense to me how  
float:center's would stack and clear each other. Maybe we really need  

John Oyler

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