Re: float:center

James Elmore wrote:
> Some magazines used to position an image or 'pull out quote' in the 
> middle of articles. While I have seen the more common 'float between 

My understanding is that this is typically done to break up long runs of 
text.  I'd suggest that this can only really be done well in a print 
image document, and that any such capability for a reflowable document 
would need to be done at a much higher level, i.e. by specifying 
parameters used to choose when to dump the quote, etc.

Incidentally, in typical magazine typography, there is little or no 
relationship between the quotes and the surrounding contents.  At the 
best they represent a separate stream of text for the article as a 
whole.  The positioning doesn't normally reflect a natural break in the 
body text, but rather reflects good aesthetics when looked at from a 

If floats are used for this purpose with HTML/CSS, I'd suggest that 
either the author is using the tools in a closed environment, to create 
a print image, or they are making the common, but unreasonable, 
assumption that what they see is what others will see.

David Woolley
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