RE: 'border-spacing', 'caption-side', 'border-collapse' inheritance

Thanks for explanation. It makes sense now. (I am not sure inheriting the properties makes sense but it is clear that the implementations actually do that, there is no contradiction).

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On Monday 2007-12-17 10:30 -0800, Alex Mogilevsky wrote:
> CSS 2.1 says 'border-spacing', 'caption-side', 'border-collapse'
> inherit [1]. No current implementation that we've checked do that
> though, nor does it seem to make sense. Should the property definition
> be changed to "inherited:no", or do we overlook some other text that
> prevents inheritance into nested tables?

In Mozilla they're inherited, but our default style sheet for HTML
specifies that the HTML table element has border-spacing:2px and
border-collapse:separate.  (In CSS2.0 the latter was not the default
value, so the rule was necessary, and we've left it since it's
compatible with what other browsers do.)

They should inherit fine for non-HTML-table elements with the table
display types, or if you give table explicit inherit values.

Not sure what you're seeing with caption-side, though.

(I'd suggest testing different variation of removing lines in .)


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