Re: Question about default colors

Okay so if CSS spec is not going to say anything about this than
setting the background-color and not setting the font color should be
(and in fact it is) allowed. In other words. It is the decision of the
developer if he wants to allow user to use his own font color (let's
assume that background-color is set to white) or to force some
configuration (by setting background-color and color in CSS). I just
wanted to pinpoint that both approaches have their advantages and
disadvantages and CSS spec should not forbid any of them. Do you agree
with it?
Regards Michal.

On 4/23/07, Spartanicus <> wrote:
> "Micha³ Majchrowicz" <> wrote:
> >Isn't it enough to just set body background-color(like in
> >example.html)?
> Again I'm not following, you started by saying that authors were forced
> to specify a background colour for the body element. I've shown that
> this is not the case, and if they do it doesn't constitute a problem.
> >It's much simpler than using transparency and other
> >stuff? Moreover if the developer receives a company logo he is usually
> >not allowed to change it in any aspect...
> In the IMO extremely unlikely situation that such a minor potential
> stylistic clash with a user stylesheet would be classed as a problem
> that would require a fix, that would be an issue for the developer and
> company to solve, not a CSS spec issue.
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> Spartanicus

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