RE: CSS Generated content selection

> Spartanicus

> Does that mean that you support the omission of punctuation at the end
> of the paragraph that precedes another paragraph or list?

No, as that still doesn't address those other situations (exclamation mark, question mark, ..., etc)

> >Inline quotes, on the other hand, are not clearly delimited  
> >when copy/pasting if the quotes aren't included.
> Which is why I said that quotes around inline quotations 
> should be part
> of the content proper.

So you're pointing at the current behaviour of browsers (which I'm arguing here as being flawed) to justify using a workaround? The <q> element unambiguously defines where the quote starts or ends. The browser should present this visually by adding quotes (or guillemets, or whatever depending on language-specific rules). When copy/pasting, this delimitation should also be passed along as part of the plain text. IMO, of course.

Otherwise, a similar example would be: by default, browsers do a line break and give some space between paragraphs marked via <p>. When copy/pasting, the line break is copied over as well. To take the same approach as you're suggesting for <q>, you could say that a browser that simply lumps paragraphs together into a single line is doing the right thing, and that if the line break was important, authors should have added them in their markup.

> I'd question the value of doing so. I'm not a supporter of coding
> semantics purely for semantics sake, otherwise there'd be a case for
> <verb> etc.

> Can you present a use case where the distinction is relevant if the
> ability to reference by marker is dealt with by including such
> references as part of the content proper?

I'm not talking about referencing by marker. I'm talking about denoting, in a copy/pasted bit of text, that something was an ordered list rather than an unordered one.

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