Select a parrent node with s CSS selector?

 Hi, as I read the specification proposed for CSS Level 3 I think it is not
possible ot create a selector that selects a parent element.

The next selector will apply to each anchor in hover state which is placed
inside a paragraph with a class attribute value set to description, which
itself is placed inside division with a class attribute value set to content
and the division is first level child element of the body element:

*body>div.content p.description a:hover*
However, if I want to apply the rules not to the anchor element, but to the
paragraph - I cant set it in the selector. For example If I want to change
the color of the whole paragraph when the anchor element is hovered inside.

The pseudo classes are only an example. It is possible to set a different
background to a list element if there is a image inside.

My *proposal* to the working group is to use the "less than" character
- closing tag brace to set to which part of the selector the rule have to
apply. In the example above:

*body>div.content p.description<a:link*

This selector have to apply the defined rules not to the anchor element, but
to each paragraph element which contains at least one hiperlink.

I know that the CSS Level 3 is closed, but I hope it is not too late for the
proposal, because Level 4 may not be available soon.

Ilia Goranov

Received on Monday, 23 April 2007 03:35:09 UTC