Re: Question about default colors

I personally don't agree. If the webmaster uses images for logos or
rounder corners then he is forced to set background-color (in other
way the site would look silly/horrible) but he still want to allow the
user to specify his own font color. For Instance if the user uses
green/red/brown/etc. color there is no reason to not allow him to use
it. Since the CSS doesn't allow to specify the color that CAN'T be
used the best solution in that case is to use default system font
Regards Michal.

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> >But what if webmaster set only one of the
> >colors, leaving the other one undefined? There is a possibility that
> >the page could be completly unreadable
> A common sense issue that should be obvious. For newcomers to CSS the
> "Introduction to CSS 2.1" section [1] contains: "it's a good idea to set
> the text color and background color together".
> IIRC the W3C CSS "validator" <>
> issues a warning when either "color" or "background" is specified
> without the other.
> [1]
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